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We’re here to mantain, support and protect

your technological platform regardless of your location.

About us

We are Tecnoraid Corporation,, IT consultancy, and since 2013 we have been compromised to advice and accompany SMEs to strengthen its telecommunications and informatic safety, because our goal is you enjoying the tranquility of having a 24/7 available platform that has the capacity of development that your company needs.

We have worked with:

04_0015_1 atrio

Atrio Seguros

Support on network administration and security with Fortinet, migrations, new implementations and consultancy in managing and tracking of cybersecurity.


Multinacional de Seguros

Se realizaron adecuaciones generales de todas las áreas de infraestructuctura tecnológica prestando apoyo de Consultoría para integración de solución con Fortinet, redes WIFI, seguridad a nivel de Endpoint con ESET , servidores Windows y de correo electrónico.

Proporcionando el suministro y la configuración del hardware y software requerido para optimizar su infraestructura, mejorando la experiencia de navegación con la optimización de enlaces de internet, filtrando el trafico a paginas inseguras y de alto consumo de ancho de bandas a través de perfiles asociados al directorio activo.

04_0014_2 la internacional de seguros

La Internacional de Seguros

Consultancy on hardware updating with Fortinet to migrate from the perimeter security platform, suitability of the network and support on the migration from datacenter. Fortinet managing and administration courses were taught to the staff.

04_0013_3 seguros la fe

Seguros la Fé

Consultancy on contingence strategies, preparing the backup documentation in cases of cybernetic disasters or attacks, based on optimized security practices, creating written strategies and training TI staff.

04_0017_24 stravira

Stravira Sociedad de corretaje de seguros

full leading of the technological platform for nine (9) years now, updating the platform and implementing security solutions with Fortinet and ESET.

04_0007_13 Sanitas Venezuela

Sanitas Venezuela

Migration of the network infrastructure from Dayco to an own datacenter, optimization of the security platform with Fortinet, updating of the e-mail service Exchange Server.

04_0003_18 previsión

Valles Previsión

implementation of the solution for Open Source perimeter security with firewall PFsense for filtering the web content when using proxy, optimization of the Windows servers’ platform.

04_0002_19 funeraria vallés

Funeraria Valles

implementation for the solution of perimeter security with Fortinet and Endpoint with ESET, updating of the services of Windows-based low environments and implementation of the solution for WiFi with Ubiquiti.

04_0011_6 fast med

Grupo Fastmed

In company staff training for more than 7 years. Business courses were taught to more than 100 people.

04_0010_8 instituto médico la floresta

Instituto Médico la Floresta

Implementation of Firewall 100D, implementation of the solution for WiFi connection with Fortinet and Ubiquiti. Implementation and maintenance of the solution for Endpoint security with ESET, migration of Windows servers’ platform.

04_0004_17 lacteos la costa

Lacteos de la Costa

Implementation of Windows Servers for authentication and Core system. Support on managing and administration of the technological infrastructure.

04_0000_23 marfran


Optimization of the technological platform, developing security projects with Fortinet and ESET, as well as the migration of servers and implementation of solutions for Exchange Server e-mail. We also provide the full managing of the technological platform.

04_0012_4 veconinter


Migration of the platform and perimeter security from Checkpoint to Fortinet by hardware updating, LAN network segmentation with CISCO, implementation of security solutions with Fortinet and migration of the current index. Second level support for six (6) years.

04_0009_11 acredita


Migration of the platform and perimeter security from Checkpoint to Fortinet, migration of network form Dayco to datacenter

04_0008_12 IUTA


Optimization of the security platform with Fortinet, suitability and improvement of the communication between headquarters with CISCO, migration of the Windows servers’ platform.

04_0006_15 suarez y asociados

Suarez & Asociados

Optimization of the network and server platform. Technological platform managing services.



Implementation of solution for security with Open Source with firewall PFsense and implementation of Windows servers for authentication and file share.

04_0001_22 hercules

Pegas Hercules

implementation of solution for security with Open Source with firewall and suitability of LAN/WAN network.

Our history

In 2013, two Venezuelan young men (specialized technicians) noticed there was a problem: The migratory in their country was wreaking havoc on the availability of trained qualified staff in the technological field.

Which motivated us to ask a big question: What if we start a mobile and remote support company?

And so (right from the start), Tecnoraid was born.

We have always had the support of good friends and allies on this road, contributing to the fact that today we’re a team of 12 people compromised in working on giving supply, accompaniment and technical advice to international organizations in South America and Spain.

Because we made remote work our best feature for the management of the technological platform of PyMes for Spanish-speakers.

you didn’t need about Tecnoraid:
  • At Tecnoraid, we started completely from scratch and worked from home during the two first years since our beginning.

  • Both of us are specialist in the services we offer. (Therefore, we speak the same language).

  • We still keep in touch with our two first clients.

  • We have grown and updated our client portfolio year by year regardless of some adversities.

  • From THE VERY FIRST DAY we always believed and bet for mobile and remote work.


We are here to maintain, support and protect your technology platform no matter where you are.

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+58 212.614.3138

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where are we?

Calle Abraham Lincoln entre Calle Chacaíto y 3era Av. Edif. Unión, Piso 3, Ofic. 34 Caracas


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